Alumni List and Thesis Titles

No. Year Student ID Name Thesis Title
001 1978 BC780002 Gerald Blonski, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC N/A
002 1979 BC780001 Arie Smits, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC, CP N/A
003 1979 BC780021 David R. Galpin, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC N/A
004 1980 AB780024 Kees Prins, Dipl.Arch, AAA N/A
005 1981 SK780008 Robert Croft, Dipl.Arch, FRAIC, SAA Urban Building for Downtown Regina
006 1981 AB780031 Paul H. Polson, Dipl.Arch, FRAIC, AAA Sunnyhill Co-op: urban housing and its territorial structure - a behavioural study
007 1981 MB780003 R. John Weselake, Dipl.Arch, MAA Winnipeg Arena
008 1982 NS780001 John DeWolfe, Dipl.Arch, NSAA Halifax Waterfront
009 1983 ON780029 Kit Man P. Chung, Dipl.Arch MRAIC, AIA Crowchild Village Centre in Vancouver
010 1984 AB800006 R. Alan Partridge, Dipl.Arch, AAA, AIBC A Brewery
011 1984 AB790010 David W. Ryder, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, MAA Accessible Housing in the Inner City
012 1984 MB790001 Lanny L.M. Silver, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, MAA Winnipeg Beach:  Town Resort Development
013 1984 SK780009 Calvin R. Carnegie, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC Residential Suburban Development Supportive of Unstructured Play for Children
014 1986 BC790001 David Hornby Simpson, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC Vancouver City Hall
015 1986 SK780015 Robert D. Trumbley, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, SAA Saskatoon Public Library
016 1988 SK780005 Gerald Agrey, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, SAA Saskatoon City Hall
017 1988 ON850010 Roland P. Jonker, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA, Architect AIBC, AAA Toronto Island Airport
018 1988 ON810018 Stephan Namisniak, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA, NCARB Theatre in Burlington, Ontario
019 1988 SK780001 David Moisik, Dipl.Arch, SAA Intelligent Building Research Facility (Regina)
020 1988 BC780026 Brian Kendrick, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC Human Behaviour and the Personal Environment: Towards a More Yielding Habitat
021 1989 SK780004 Alan J. Downing, Dipl. Arch, MRAIC, SAA

Winter Gardens:  A Comprehensive Long-Term Care Home for the Elderly  
-PASS with Distinction

022 1989 MB780007 Kenneth J. Hildebrand, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, MAA Winnipeg Public Aquarium
-PASS with Distinction
-Honourable Mention, Ron Thom Medal
023 1989 ON840002 Antonio Visca, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Moss Park Armoury Housing Development
-PASS with Distinction
-Ron Thom Medal Winner
024 1989 BC780005 Maurice Pez, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC A Downtown University Campus
025 1989 SK800007 Donald W. Greer, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, SAA Sport Administration Centre for Saskatoon
026 1992 AB790002 Lloyd Ostrinsky, B.E.S., Dipl.Arch, MEDes Crowfoot Northwest Recreational Leisure Centre
027 1992 BC80AB16 Alan R. Roy, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC Ships Point Development, Victoria
028 1993 ON810021 Ross Hanham, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Hamilton GO Transit Station
-OAA/94 Raymore Medal
029 1993 ON800005 William J. Curran, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Port Dover Waterfront Redevelopment Study
-OAA/95 Raymore Medal
030 1993 ON780034 Wayne L. Long, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Kitchener City Hall and Downtown Revitalization
031 1993 NS800001 Frank Mayo, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, NSAA N/A
032 1986 AB790001 Karen Shilling, Dipl.Arch, AAA N/A
033 1994 SK780007 Reid W. Pattison, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, SAA Village Hotel, Battle Creek Resort Cypress Hills Provincial Park West Block (Saskatchewan)
034 1995 ON850037 Vladimir Moise, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Intern Harbourfront Renewal - Urban Structure and Building Form
035 1996 ON880042 Paul Jorge DaCunha, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Celebrating the City:  Making the City a Qualitative Force
036 1997 BC87ON15 David Vincent Thompson, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, MOAA River School-Richmond, BC
-UBC (pilot) School of Architecture
037 1997 ON800050 Paul Michael Wright, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Toronto Space Science Centre
038 1997 ON840014 Carson Brian Cook, Dipl.Arch, OAA Aging in Place:  The Care of the Elderly
039 1998 AB820016 Connie Robinson, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, AA The Feasibility of Recycling Existing Buildings in the City of Edmonton to Adapt to a Different Use
040 1998 ON900025 Vlad Voicu Bortnowski, Dipl.Arch, OAA An Inhabitation at H.R. Hearn Generating Station
-PASS with Distinction
041 1998 AB780009 Avery S. Temofychuk, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, AAA Building Reuse Versus Building Obsolescence
042 1999 AB830004 Linus John Murphy, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, AAA A Model for a New Approach to Our Schools
043 1999 ON850011 Denise Marie LePage, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Adaptive Reuse of Pre-1930 Ontario Hospitals
044 1999 ON790050 Harvey Paul Harman, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC Innovative Architecture for the Retiring Generation of Baby Boomers
045 1999 ON880011 Deborah Mae Friesen, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Unheard Melodies:  Music for the Deaf through Architecture - a study of the parallels between music and architecture
046 1999 ON910029 Gerry Daniel Visca, Dipl. Arch, OAA A New Urban Infrastructure:  Redefining the Public Realm
047 2000 ON890027 Kathryn Ann Vogel, Dipl. Arch, MRAIC, OAA The Cultural Configuration of Industrialism
048 2000 SK880001 Reginald John Squires, Dipl.Arch, SAA Bringing Light to the Classroom
049 2000 BC84AB08 Edward Joseph Williams, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC, CSC Gastown Centre:  Vancouver, BC ~ Architectural Heritage Context can be Retained & Reinforced in Responding to Community Requirements & Market Demands
050 2001 AB87ON43 Mark Alexander Lesack, Dipl.Arch, AAA Proposed Multimodal Transit Station in Downtown Calgary
051 2001 AB930004 David John Ferguson, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, AAA Historic Drill Halls & Armouries:  History; Adaptive Re-Use Studies; Theoretical Transformation
052 2001 ON880062 Scott William Robinson, Dipl.Arch, OAA Effects of the Built Environment on Well-Being
053 2001 BC920006 Pawel Thomas Balas, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC Rethinking the Urban Matrix: a study of spatial and ecological integration of diverse activities at the scale of the typical downtown block
054 2002 ON880017 Vincent Francis Alcaide, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA, Associate AIA, LEED AP Science Museums & Centres:  a place to advocate the living process
055 2002 MB790002 James Thomas Samuel Russell, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, MAA An All Season Waterpark in Downtown Winnipeg
-PASS with Distinction
056 2002 ON880043 André Emilien Brochu, Dipl.Arch, OAA City Revisited:  establishing a civic realm in the expanded city
057 2002 SK960001 Robert John Beug, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, SAA Bio-Architecture:  an investigation into the potential for biological organisms to influence architecture
058 2003 BC930005 Randy Bens, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC The Urban Systems Prototype:  Man, Nature, Technology
-PASS with Distinction
059 2003 BC790004 Michael Norman Cox, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC World Class Motorsports Facility
060 2003 ON910019 Guy George Monette, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, OAA Local Culture in the Global Village - managing cities through music
061 2003 BC90AB01 James Kerr Lammie, Dipl.Arch, MRAIC, Architect AIBC Origin of Place
062 2004 ON870036 Paul William Phillips, Dipl.Arch The Invention of a Seed Building as the nucleus to a new community
063 2004 ON870026 Ed John Vandermaarel, Dipl.Arch, OAA The Cleansing Fields: Restoring Abandoned Industrial Sites Within Small Communities
064 2004 MB930002 John Bradley van Leeuwen, Dipl.Arch, Intern MAA Architecture as an Expression of the Whole Person: St. Dominic's Monastery & Astronomical Research Centre
065 2004 BC800011 Witmar Heinz Abele, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC Creekside Park:  A Place of Ceremony, Celebration and Meditation for a Post-Denominational Age (Sacred Space for a Secular World)
-PASS with Distinction
066 2004 ON860024 Michael James McLean, Dipl.Arch, OAA Creative Cities:  Cultural Industries & Urban Regeneration in the Information Society
067 2005 MB950001 Otto Hammer, Dipl.Arch, MAA Gathering Place Market for a Winnipeg Community
068 2005 ON880006 Cory Randel Stechyshyn, Dipl.Arch, OAA Making Sense of Place:  understanding human existance and the spirit of place
069 2005 SK960003 Lyle Daniel Wiebe, Dipl. Arch, SAA Alternative Education Facility - an elementary school in downtown Saskatoon; redefining the "mental image" of a school
070 2006 SK85ON23 W. Kurt Dietrich, Dipl.Arch, SAA A Design for Architectural Education
071 2006 SK970002 Chris Owen Bergen, Dipl.Arch, SAA Creating Aboriginal Architecture:  A Designer's Guide to the Northern Plains
-PASS with Distinction
072 2007 BC900001 Gerald Alan Fox, Dipl.Arch Community Mausoleum Plan, Downtown Eastside Vancouver, BC
073 2007 BC960002 Micheal Luigi Mammone, Dipl.Arch, Architect AIBC In Search of Place:  Nature, Culture, Architecture; Terroir and the Okanagan Winery
074 2008 ON960013 Eduardo Antonio Ortiz, Dipl. Arch, OAA Toronto's First 'Kyoto Friendly' Hirise Building
-PASS with Distinction
075 2008 MB960001 Harold Blaine Repko, Dipl.Arch Transitional Care Centre for Persons with HIV/AIDS
076 2008 AB970010 Robert Alan Slywka, Dipl.Arch, SI AAA Integrated Community Design:  It's Influence on Architecture
077 2008 BC950003 Douglas Duane Luteyn, Dipl.Arch The Role of Architecture in Facilitating Science, Education, Culture and Our Environment Through the Design of a Salmon Hatchery and Learning Centre
078 2009 ON010030 Michael Edward Peixoto, Dipl.Arch, OAA A Blind Sensibility - a Non Visual Experience of Architecture
079 2009 ON940016 Gerald Andrew Gallacher, Dipl.Arch, OAA Creating a Learning Environment for All
080 2009 ON880023 Benny Man Kuen Choy, Dipl.Arch, OAA Homelessness:  Engaging Architecture in a Social Crisis
081 2009 BC010009 David Wayne Svehla, Dipl.Arch, IA AIBC Waterfront Reconnect:  Market Square at the Landing
082 2009 AB940001 Barbara April Reid, Dipl.Arch, IA AAA Back to the Future ~ Transforming the Retail Power Centre
083 2009 ON000015 Samuel Timothy Cox, Dipl.Arch, IA OAA Making Architecture Noticeable
084 2010 AB920001 Michael Edward Sczesny, Dipl.Arch, IA AAA Kinetic Architecture & Sustainability
085 2010 ON860006 Frances Mary Martin DiGiuseppe, Dipl.Arch Reconceptualizing Western Notions of Transitional Shelter: Design of Contemporary Spaces for Battered Women - Toronto House
086 2010 BC010010 James Thomas Ralph, Dipl.Arch, IA AIBC The Vancouver Public Art Gallery:  Considering a Public Space for Contemplation - An Urban Intervention
087 2010 BC990009 Timothy James McLennan, Dipl.Arch Work Camps in the Athabasca Oil Sands - A Reconnection
088 2010 AB790016 Edwin Cheung Kwong, Dipl.Arch A Courtyard in Edmonton's Chinatown Housing Complex
089 2010 AB020008 Amy Frances Morin, Dipl.Arch Adaptive Reuse:  Benefiting the Urban Context by Returning to the Heart of the City
090 2010 BC020014 Charles Malcolm Britton, Dipl.Arch Integrated Multigenerational Housing:  A New Approach to Elder Housing that Benefits All Generations
091 2011 AB970003 Todd Ronald Brooks, Dipl.Arch Can a New Downtown NHL Arena Contribute Successfully to Urban Renewal in Downtown Edmonton
092 2011 BC020009 Megan Elizabeth Peters, Dipl.Arch A Rural Computer Resource Campus:  Addressing Access to Technology within an Agrarian Context
093 2011 AB940002 Barry Douglas Sullivan, Dipl.Arch Urban Residential Community for Elders
094 2011 AB900011 Bradley Byron Kimball, Dipl.Arch A Sense of Place ~ Setting, People and Design
095 2011 PQ040003 Fernando Lozano, Dipl.Arch Integrating Sustainable Mobility in Montréal
096 2012 BC910005 Gail Joan Jaeger, Dipl.Arch De-schooling the School
097 2012 ON900041 John David Tanfield, Dipl.Arch Elevating the Commuter Experience - Public Transportation Facilities - Subway Design Guidelines
098 2012 SK980002 Amy Lee Webb, Dipl.Arch Redefining the Library
099 2012 ON010028 Milena Plamenova Belomorska, Dipl.Arch Library City:  The Future of the Public Library in the Digital Age
-PASS with Distinction
100 2013 AB970009 Brett Clayton Woodrow, Dipl.Arch Based on research of Christian Missions and determining the diversity of needs, it can be shown that a Christian Ecumenical Centre can be successfully integrated into the Edmonton capitol city region to provide a unique missionary service for the community at large
101 2013 ON030006 Anthony Bernard Di Donato, Dipl. Arch Farming Suburbia Community Company
102 2013 ON010003 Raimondo Peppino Cuda, Dipl. Arch Urban Sudbury:  A Strategy to Revitalize the Downtown Core of a Midsized Ontario City
103 2014 ON020017 DAVID Douglas McCONNACHIE, Dipl. ARCH Contextually Adaptive Architecture
104 2014 PQ040001 William Gerard McDonald, Dipl. Arch Seniors and Their Space
105 2014 ON990001 Ivan Desroches, Dipl. Arch Acoustic Architecture
106 2015 ON980001 Eric Riddell, Dipl. Arch A Place for Information 
107 2015 BC060005 William Neil Robertson, Dipl. Arch Vancouver Urbanism: Block-Sized Redevelopment
108 2015 BC040010 Tanis Schulte, Dipl. Arch The Treatment of Historic Buildings for Contemporary Use: A Critical Investigation of Contemporary Alterations to Historic Buildings
109 2015 BC060011 Steven Bartok, Dipl. Arch Re-Conceptualizing the Primary School Typology on Vancouver's Downtown Peninsula
110 2015 MB010001 Russell Knister, Dipl. Arch The Psycological Effects of Information Overload Leads to Poor Decision Making During the Architectural Desing PRocess
111 2015 AB970006 Sean Reid, Dipl. Arch
Transforming Public Space in Suburbia:
Reclaiming a Sense of Place
112 2016 ON040045 Paulo Alves, Dipl. Arch
Biomimetic Architecture:
a responsive design approach, that respects and learns from nature, defining a design process with which we can develop sustainable and inspiring architecture of the future
113 2016 AB020011 Steven Nicholas Shamchuk, Dipl. Arch URBAN FOOD TRANSFORMATION FOR EDMONTON
114 2016 AB979991 James Christopher Thompson, Dipl. Arch Sustainable Living Design in the Edmonton Context Net-Zero MURB
115 2016 BC950007 Vincent Peter Knudsen, Dipl. Arch Why Water
117 2017 BC990001 ROBERT WALTER HALLIDAY, DIPL. ARCH Library design
118 2017 ON060056 DAVID PETER GILLEN, DIPL. ARCH PREFERRED SPACES: a toolkit from environmental psycology 
119 2017 BC140015 CRAIG Sheldon Rogers, DIPL. ARCH Adaptive Re-Integration
120 2017 BC980010 EDWARD ANGUS CRAIG, DIPL. ARCH Food For Thought: where the public can interact, familiarise themselves and participate in the production of food
The Effects of the Built Environment on Mental Health:
The Recovery & Re-Integration of Mental Health Patients into Society
121 2018 ON010026 JUSTIN LECLAIR, DIPL. ARCH Filling in The Void
122 2018 ON090010 DAVID LEMIEUX, DIPL. ARCH