Promoting the Syllabus

Promotional Approval Procedures


The Syllabus transition will involve increased promotional activities intended to educate, enlighten and engage support in various forms both internally and externally. To enhance the effectiveness of promotional materials and activities, the Syllabus Director will review, amend and issue approval prior to the dissemination of information regarding the RAIC Syllabus.

This coordination of information dissemination is necessary to best utilize our resources and project a cohesive, coherent and positive message defining what the Syllabus is, the priorities of the program, and our aims and goals for the future. Effective communication is the key to successful promotional actions that project a professional portrait of the program and facilitates enhanced understanding and support for the Syllabus.

How to Submit Promotional Materials / Activities for Approval

Promotional Materials

Examples include: websites, webnews, newsletters, flyers, magazine articles, pamphlets

An individual or group wishing to publish any of the above or similar items must submit a draft copy to the Syllabus Director for approval, allowing 2 weeks for processing. In the majority of situations, there is ample time to think through and draft proposed materials to ensure the message intended is the message received. Past experience has taught us we will also be presented with promotional opportunities requiring faster action and we will need to use the telephone, fax, and e-mail to speed the process at those times.


Examples include: lectures, tours, special events, presentations to related professionals and/or groups, fundraising

From time to time we are requested to give presentations or become involved in activities as representatives of the Syllabus. Volunteers of the program have also organized open houses, lectures, presentations, fundraising and other functions to educate and solicit support for the program. Effective coordination and communication are critical for positive results.

Similar to the process outlined for promotional materials, the Syllabus Director must be consulted with and approve of any promotional activities where individuals act as representatives of the Syllabus.

A full description of the event and projected budget is submitted to the Syllabus for approval, allowing 2 weeks for processing. It is not unusual to have new information develop while preparing for a promotional activity. When this occurs the Syllabus Director must be kept informed and approve of any additional actions or changes to the original proposition.

As with promotional materials, there will also be circumstances where the use of the telephone, fax or e-mail will be required to take advantage of promotional activity opportunities as they arise.


  • The Syllabus Director is responsible for coordinating all Syllabus promotional activities.
  • An individual or group wishing to act as a representative of the RAIC Syllabus through the dissemination of written materials, establishing a website or social network, and/or involvement in promotional or other activities must obtain prior approval from the Syllabus Director.
  • Requests should answer basic questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How + any budget concerns.
  • Requests should be made 2 weeks in advance whenever possible. Even with severe time constraints, Syllabus Director approval must be obtained, using the telephone, fax or e-mail if required.

By coordinating promotional activities, we can better utilize our resources to effectively communicate.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the procedures for submitting promotional materials and/or activities for approval do not hesitate to contact the Syllabus Director.

Policy rev 2013