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Deadline for Term 2: June 15

Credit Assessments: Theory, History and Technical Courses

Entry Credit Assessments: Theory, History and Technical Courses 

Click here for the Entry Credit Assessment Form

Entry Credit Assessments are directed toward previously completed post-secondary courses at accredited institutions.  

Diploma applicants wishing to apply for advanced standing based on previously completed post-secondary courses can do so through the RAIC Syllabus Student Portal.

If you wish to apply for advanced standing in either academic and/or studio courses, complete the Advanced Standing portion of the online application.  

The Entry Credit Assessment fee will be processed when the assessment is processed.

The Entry Credit Assessment can be submitted upon application, or once accepted. 

Be sure to include the Entry Credit Assessment form with your request.  Click here for the form.


Proposed Equivalent Appeals:

Taking Courses Outside of the Syllabus While a Student of the Syllabus

Should a student wish to take courses at another institution while enrolled in the Syllabus, with the intent to transfer credits toward Syllabus courses, permission must first be obtained from the Registrar. The Proposed Equivalent Appeal fee will be processed at the time of assessment.

Prior to enrolment at the institution, the student must forward the following documentation, along with their request, to the Registrar:

  1. ONE (1) digital copy (pdfs) of detailed course outlines (not calendar descriptions), including reading lists, assignment requirements and evaluation methodologies, name of instructor, credit value of completed course, duration and pass mark required.

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