Architectural Experience Manual

RAIC Syllabus Architectural Experience Manual (updated May 2019)

*Architectural Experience Manual will be updated in the next few months to reflect the changes in the IAP.*

NOTE:  Re-emphasis on the work experience foundation of the Syllabus route to licensure is at the core of the renewal, which has been an ongoing process since 2002.  To date, most Syllabus graduates have exceeded the new requirements.

Implementation of this policy will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for mid-stream Diploma students as of August 2013.

To reiterate once more, the Work Experience requirements were recently updated and published to all students. Once again, here is a breakdown of the grandfathering rules for the new requirements:

  1. Students in Part I of the program who have not yet been asked to submit work experience will be required to abide by the new rules where a total of 9,800 hours will need to be completed before successful completion of the program;
  2. Students who have completed less than half of the required courses under Part II of the program will also need to abide by the new requirements of 9,800 hours;
  3. Students who have completed more than half of the required courses under Part II or have completed Part II altogether will be grandfathered under the old work experience model and will need to complete 5,340 hours.

A formal review of all student files will be conducted later this summer, and students who qualify under the old requirements will receive a formal letter attesting to such requirements. You would need to have completed more than half of Part II courses by the end of Term 2, 2013 in order to qualify. Please review the new work experience document carefully, as these requirements are at the core of the Syllabus Program of Studies.

See here for a student example: CERB Log Example