RAIC Syllabus Fees Table 



The Syllabus year consists of two terms for Studio delivery. 

Term 1 (March 1 - June 15) 

  • Registration deadline January 31st 

Term 2 (August 1 - December 15) 

  • Registration Deadline July 31st 

Late Charges 

Late fees are applied to registrations received after February 1st .

$27.56 (Feb 2 - Feb 6); 

$55.13 (Feb 7 - Feb 11); 

$110.25 (Feb 12 - March 1) 

If registrations are not received prior to the start of the term of March 1st, students will have their accounts deactivate immediately. A reapplication fee of $385.88 is applied for students who wish to resume their studies. 

A reapplication fee of $385.88 is applied for students who wish to resume their studies.



Administrative charges are non-refundable. 

50% of Studio fees (paid in full) are refundable up to March 1st in Term 1, and September 1st in Term 2. After these dates, studio fees are non-refundable.  

Transcript Requests 

Students who wish to receive an official or unofficial copy of their Syllabus transcript must complete the form on their student portal account. Transcript requests are free for current Syllabus students. 

Students not currently enrolled or who have graduated may request a copy of transcripts by email. Send your request to info@raic-syllabus.ca

There is a $20 for non program students who request transcripts. This includes up to two paper copies and one electronic copy. There is an additional charge of $10 for each additional paper copy.  


*All RAIC Syllabus Fees are subject to applicable taxes. Taxes are based on the province of residence.*  


Please contact the RAIC Syllabus office with questions info@raic-syllabus.ca.   

Updated: 2022 – 10 – 07