Rules for Issue of RAIC Diploma in Architecture

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) will issue a Diploma in Architecture to each Syllabus Diploma Graduate who has fulfilled all academic and work experience requirements of the RAIC Syllabus.

Academic Requirements include obtaining a minimum of 117 credits.

Syllabus Academic Requirements are subject to change to maintain alignment with changes in the Profession and Canadian Education Standard (CES) as assessed by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).

‘Earned’ credits are defined as credits obtained through the completion of a Syllabus course. Up to 30 credits may be ‘granted’. ‘Granted’ credits are defined as credits obtained through completion of courses outside of the Syllabus program but accepted as equivalents to Syllabus courses. A student with more than 30 ‘granted’ credits who wishes to receive a Professional Diploma may qualify by converting ‘granted’ credits to ‘earned’ credits by completing approved assignments and/or passing approved examinations in ‘granted’ Syllabus subjects of the student’s choice.

In cases where a student is enrolled in the Syllabus and elects to take some courses at a university or other recognized, accredited post-secondary institution which has been approved for credit in the Syllabus, ‘granted’ credits this obtained may be considered as ‘earned’ if approved by the Registrar and Syllabus Director.

The holder of the RAIC Professional Diploma in Architecture is entitled to use the initials “Dipl.Arch.” as an indication of academic qualifications recognized by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board as equivalent to a Professional University Degree in Architecture.


Revised: 2019 - 04 - 12