Syllabus Bulletin September 2019

Start of Term 2, 2019

If you have enrolled in a studio course for Term 2, your studio sessions will begin in the coming weeks. As each studio follows a slightly different schedule, your local Coordinator will reach out to you shortly with specific information for your chapter.

Coordinators contact information can be found on the Syllabus website, should you have any questions.

Registration for Term 1, 2020 will open in the new year. 

Certificates of completion / diploma request

The document request function on the Syllabus Student Portal has been updated, so students can request their certificate of completion for part I or II, as well as for their diploma after they have completed part III.

Athabasca registration

The registration deadline to start history, theory, and technical courses with our educational service provider, Athabasca University (AU) is the tenth of each month, and courses will start on the first of the following month. Registration for September 1 courses closes on August 10. Remember to register with Athabasca and notify RAIC Syllabus through the Syllabus student portal.

Please enroll through the student portal in any academic courses you are taking with Athabasca University. Our systems are not linked, so this does not register you in the course with AU or result in any fees, but it allows us to maintain the student records and transcripts in our system.

RAIC Syllabus Student Portal

The RAIC Syllabus portal is still undergoing security updates and reformatting. Please review the Curriculum Sequence Chart to ensure you are enrolling in the correct courses for your learning pathway.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities are available to Syllabus students through government grants and bursaries. Athabasca University also has a series of awards available to Syllabus students. To see a full list of scholarship/bursaries, visit the Athabasca website.

Talk to your colleagues and share information about funding opportunities as you pursue your diploma.

Courses now offered in French

The Syllabus Program now offers two French-language professional practice courses: Professional Practice in Canada and Architectural Practice Management.

RAIC Student Associate Membership

As of the start of 2019, RAIC Syllabus students will automatically be enrolled as Student Associate members of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada! Please contact our membership team at for more information.


Please contact Jessica McCormick or Brynne Campbell, RAIC Syllabus Registrar at for more information on the above items.

We wish you the best in the next term!

Brynne Campbell
RAIC Syllabus Registrar

Jessica McCormick
RAIC Syllabus Administrative Assistant