Syllabus Bulletin - February 2021

REMINDER: Annual Re-enrollment & Late Fees

The annual re-enrollment fee was due by January31, 2021 and students who have not paid this fee will be charged a late fee. Students who do not pay the fee by March 1, 2021 will be marked as inactive, and will need to complete the re-application and re-enrollment process to re-enter the program.

Late fees:

$52.50 (Feb 7 - Feb 11)

$105.00 (Feb 12 - March 1)

The re-enrollment fee can be paid on the Syllabus Student Portal under courses and registrations by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting continue. The re-enrollment and late fee will be automatically added to your cart at checkout.


Studio Term 1, 2021

Start date: March 1, 2021
End date: June 15, 2021

Students enrolled in Term 1, 2021 will hear from their studio coordinators with further instructions closer to the start date of the term. If you would like to contact your Studio Coordinator, their contact information can be found here

The RAIC is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19, and the recommendations of the government and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Syllabus will continue in a virtual format for Term 1, 2021. The next update regarding delivery format is expected in June 2021.

Scholarship Available to Niagara Region Architecture Students 

The Niagara Society of Architects is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students from the Niagara Region of Canada, enrolled in an architecture program. The award is open to Syllabus students at any level. Deadline for applications is March 30, 2021


A new way to access RAIC Webinars, with special pricing for students!

Designed for individuals who want access to a large catalogue of webinar content, the All Access Webinar Pass provides automatic registration to over 67 hours of continuing education. 

The All-Access Webinar Pass is valued at $999, and available to Syllabus students for $299, if you need any assistance accessing your RAIC Account, please message Jessica at

See here for the full catalog of RAIC webinars>>


RAIC Connects is a virtual community where members can share ideas, discuss practice challenges, post questions, read and share blog posts and news articles, learn about fellow RAIC members, and benefit from shared knowledge, resources, and information. 

Syllabus students have access to a Syllabus student-only community on RAIC Connects, to share content, ideas, and network. Discussion boards for studio levels have been added to the community. We encourage students to visit the community and introduce themselves!  

Visit the RAIC Connects resource centre for more information about this exciting new platform.

Discussion Boards:

 - RAIC Connects Discussions for Syllabus Students
 - RAIC690 (D9)
 - RAIC675 (D8)
 - RAIC655 (D7)
 - RAIC490 (D6)
 - RAIC450 (D5)
 - RAIC400 (D4)
 - RAIC350 (D3)
 - RAIC300 (D2)
 - RAIC200 (D1)

All Syllabus students studying in parts two and three of the program are required to be working under the supervision of an architect licensed to practice in Canada. All experience must be logged in your Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB).

The Syllabus National Office will mark a student's account INACTIVE if they are not submitting the CERB Log Books.

Refer to the policy on work experience found on the Syllabus web site for submission requirements, hours required, etc. 


RAIC Syllabus Webinars

Webinars have been uploaded to the RAIC Syllabus website here. The webinars are to be used as a resource for Syllabus students. The webinars include:

RAIC Syllabus Moodle Tutorial - September 2020

RAIC Syllabus Work Experience Webinar - May 2019

RAIC Syllabus Thesis Proposal Webinar - April 2019

RAIC Syllabus Senior Student Webinar - November 2018 

RAIC Syllabus Webinar - September 2017

Athabasca registration

The registration deadline to start history, theory, and technical courses with our educational service provider—Athabasca University (AU)—is the 10th of each month, and courses will start on the 1st of the following month.

Remember to register on the Syllabus Student Portal as well. Our systems are not linked, so this does not register you twice or result in any fees, but it allows us to maintain the student records and transcripts in our system.