Syllabus Bulletin – June 2019

RAIC Syllabus Bulletin - June 2019 


Design Documentation + Studio Grades

Students who were enrolled in a studio course this term are required to submit documentation of their design work by June 15, 2018. Design Documentation must be submitted in order to grant credit for the course and to receive a grade. Students who have been given alternate deadlines to submit their design documentation by their local studio coordinators can follow the instructions given to them by their coordinator.


Please submit design documentation online through Moodle. Your design documentation must follow the same format as in previous terms, including the completed cover page template sheet, course/assignment outline(s), and high-resolution images of all work completed for the studio course. This should be saved as a single PDF and named as per the documentation naming standards.


Grades will be distributed online under the ‘Grades’ tab, once all grades have been received. A reminder that grades will only be shared with those who have submitted their documentation. 


Please visit the Syllabus site for more information on submission requirements.


A friendly reminder that all document requests, CERB log submissions, and payment invoices are done online through the student portal.


2019 Term 2 Registration

Studio registration for Term 2 will open mid-July. The registration process for Term 2 will be done online through your student portal account. If you did not pay your annual re-enrollment fee for 2019, this will automatically be added to your cart at check out. 


If you wish to enroll in an academic course through Athabasca University this term, please continue to register with AU through their webpage. Once you have done so, you can inform us of this by “enrolling” in the course in your student portal account. This will allow us to upload your grade to your transcript once the course has been completed, and you have notified us of the grade.


Term 2 studio courses begin in September. Please speak to your studio coordinator for exact start dates closer to.


Welcome Jessica McCormick

Jessica McCormick Is RAIC’s new Program Administrator and she will be assisting Brynne Campbell with the syllabus program administrative duties. If you wish to contact her directly, you can message her at, or by calling 613-241-3600 ext. 204


History Theory + Technical Course Registration Reminder

The registration deadline to start history, theory and technical courses with our educational service provider, Athabasca University is the 10th of each month in order to start on the 1st of the following month. Registration for July 1st courses closes June 10th, 2019. Remember to register with Athabasca University and notify RAIC Syllabus through the Syllabus student portal.


RAIC Leave of Absence Policy – UPDATED

We would like to advise students that the Leave of Absence Policy was updated April 1, 2019. The revised policy is available online. If you have any questions about the policies, please contact the RAIC Syllabus Registrar at


RAIC Syllabus Application Deadline

The next RAIC Syllabus application deadline is June 15th, 2019. If you or anyone you know would like to apply for the upcoming term and start your Professional Diploma in Architecture, please review our application instructions online, or contact the RAIC Syllabus Registrar. Term 2 starts September 2019.


RAIC Syllabus Program Now Offering Professional Practice Courses in French

The RAIC Syllabus Program now offers two French language professional practice courses: Professional Practice in Canada and Architectural Practice Management. Course instructors are practitioners with decades of experience to share with students. The English language versions of these courses continue to be offered by the RAIC Syllabus Program through its education service provider Athabasca University. 


For more information please contact Brynne Campbell, RAIC Syllabus Registrar at


RAIC Syllabus Student Portal

The RAIC Syllabus Portal is still undergoing some security updates and reformatting. Students are reminded that they are responsible for reviewing the Curriculum Sequence Chart to ensure they are enrolling in the correct courses for their learning pathway. If you have any questions about your status or which course to enroll in next, please contact Brynne Campbell, RAIC Syllabus Registrar at


RAIC Student Associate Membership

As of the start of 2019, RAIC Syllabus students will automatically be enrolled as Student Associate members of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada! Student Associate members get access to RAIC membership benefits, including travel, fitness and personal insurance benefits, as well as member pricing for RAIC continuing education and events. Check it out online. Please contact our membership team at for further information.


Funding Opportunities

We would like to remind students that there are opportunities for funding available to them through government grants and bursaries, such as the B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG). Please remember to talk to your colleagues and share information with each other about possible funding opportunities as you pursue your Diploma.