Reminder Notice - January 24, 2020

Studio registration for Term 1, 2020 is open now and closes January 31, 2020.
You can register for Studio on the Syllabus Student Portal under "Courses and Registrations." If you need any help registering for Studio, please contact Jessica McCormick at

Annual Re-enrollment Fee due by January 31
The annual re-enrollment fee will be added to your cart automatically at checkout when you register for a course. If you are not registering for Design Studio in Term 1, 2020, you can pay the annual re-enrollment fee on your account by clicking on "Courses and Registrations," and selecting continue at the bottom of the page.

Please contact Jessica McCormick or Brynne Campbell, RAIC Syllabus Registrar, at for more information on the above items.

We wish you the best in the upcoming term!

Brynne Campbell
RAIC Syllabus Registrar

Jessica McCormick
RAIC Syllabus Administrative Assistant