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Fees, Payment Schedule & Allocation of Expenses


The Syllabus year consists of two terms for Studio Delivery.

Term 1 (February 1 - June 15)

Term 2 (August 1 - December 15)

Academic courses are offered starting on the 1st of each month, with registration deadline being the 10th of previous month (i.e. April 10th deadline with a start date of May 1st).


The Syllabus operations are supported by student fees.

The annual re-enrollment fee is $325 for the 2015 school year. This fee helps us deliver studios throughout Canada and assist student reps with organizing local activities for students and mentors. For a detailed list of fees for each course, including academic courses, please see the Fee chart below:

PART 1 - Introduction to Architecture
Order Course Code Course Title Fee
1 RAIC 200 Foundations of Design $ 625
2 ARCH 330 Architectural Design Theory Fundamentals $ 794
3 RAIC 300 Foundations of Architectural Design: Elements $ 625
4 ARCH 200 History of Ideas in Architecture I $ 794
5 RAIC 350 Foundations of Architectural Design: Simple Habitat $ 625
6 ARCH 320 History of Canadian Architecture $ 794
7 APST 230 Materials, Properties, and Applications $ 794
8 RAIC 400 Foundations of Architectural Design: Collective Habitat $ 625
9 APST 240 Introduction to Structures $ 794
PART II - Skill Development, Knowledge Acquisition & Understanding
Order Course Code Course Title Fee
10 RAIC 450 Architectural Design: Cultural, Recreational and Institutional $ 675
11 ARCH 340 History and Theory of Modernism $ 794
12 ARCH 300 History of Ideas in Architecture II $ 794
13 APST 340 Advanced Structures $ 794
14 APST 350 Architectural and Applied Sciences $ 794
15 RAIC 490 Architectural Design: Workplace $ 675
16 ARCH 420 Contemporary Architectural Theory and Research $ 794
17 APST 470 Building Envelope and Assemblies $ 794
18 ARCH 350 Landscape $ 794
19 APST 480 Mechanical Equipment of Buildings $ 794
PART III - Synthesis & Application
Order Course Code Course Title Fee
20 RAIC 655 Comprehensive Design of Complex Buidlings $ 725
21 ARCH 400 Urbanism $ 1 549
22 ARCH 525 Architectural Design: Lighting $ 1 549
23 ARCH 526 Architectural Design: Acoustics $ 1 549
24 RAIC 675 Design in the Urban Environment $ 725
25 ARCH 645 Architectural Practice in Canada $ 1 549
26 ARCH 527 Architectural Design: Building Systems $ 1 549
27 ARCH 655 Architectural practice management $ 1 549
28 RAIC 690 Syllabus Diploma Project $ 775

Payment may be made by cheque, money order, VISA,  or MasterCard.  Fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each term. Make cheques payable to  “RAIC Syllabus”.

A $25.00 charge will be levied for NSF cheques or declined VISA/Mastercard deductions. Additional administrative charges may be charged for courier, photocopying or other disbursements.

Late Charges

Registrations received after February 1st for Term 1 & August 1st for Term 2 will be levied late charges of:

$25.00 (Feb 2 - Feb 6);

$50.00 (Feb 7 - Feb 11);

$100.00 (Feb 12 - March 1)

If registrations are not receive prior to the start of the term of March 1st, students will have their accounts deactivate immediately. If students wish to resume their studies, a $350 reapplication fee will be charged.

Student Association Fees

Contact your Student Representative for details.


Administrative charges are 100% non-refundable. 50% of Studio fees paid in full at the beginning of a term are refundable up to March 1st in Term 1, and September 1st in Term 2, after which no refund will be issued.

Transcript Requests

Students who wish to receive an official copy of their Syllabus transcript must fill out the Transcript Request Form and submit it to the Registrar's office.  

The fee for this service is a flat $10.00 plus applicable taxes, for up to three (3) copies.

2014 RAIC Syllabus Administrative Fees

$  350.00 Application/Reapplication Fee - Due: upon application/reapplication

Application/Reapplication Fees are required when a candidate first applies to the Syllabus or when a student has failed to submit Registration Forms & Fees at the beginning of each term.

Deadlines for application/re-applications:   Term 1 = December 15th      Term 2 = June 15th

$  450.00 Credit Assessment Fee - Due: when requesting assessment

Assessment Fees are required when a candidate first applies to the Syllabus and wishes to receive Transfer credits for courses completed prior to application to the Syllabus Program.

$  250.00 Proposed Equivalent Appeal Fee (per course) - Due: when requesting equivalency 

Proposed Equivalent Appeal Fees are required when a current Syllabus student applies for an assessment of equivalency status for a course available outside of the Syllabus.

$  325.00 Re-enrollment Fee - Due by: February 1st, covers all of 2015

All Diploma Program students pay a $325.00 re-enrollment fee whether or not a student will be actively participating in the design studio and/or taking academic courses with Athabasca.

  • All students must register at the beginning of each year, regardless of whether they are taking courses or not, in order to maintain active student status.

  • Local Design Chapters may require additional fees for local expenses.

  • Applicable taxes will be charged based on the province of residence


The following expenses are borne by the RAIC Syllabus:

1. Administrative expenses

2. Annual Coordinators Meeting @ RAIC Festival of Architecture

3. Annual Advisory Council meeting @ RAIC Festival of Architecture

4. Annual Student Representative meeting @ RAIC Festival of Architecture:

- Flight plus 2 days accommodation
- Local taxis from airport to hotel
- Student/Intern registration package to Festival

5. Design Studio expenses as follows only:

- Director and/or Registrar Design Tour expenses
- photocopying
- location rental
- Coordinator & Mentor recruitment & honoraria
- Coffee and other refreshments (must be approved by RAIC Office in advance)

6. Academic Examiners Meeting expenses including: 

- meeting space
- meeting expenses (meal, etc.)
- phone, courier, photocopying, etc.
- travel, accommodation

7. Academic examination expenses including:

- examination centre & invigilation
- photocopying
- Examiner recruitment and honoraria

8. Regional events organized by Syllabus Student Rep (must be approved by Syllabus Office in advance):

- Mentor/Student appreciation dinners (up to 1 per term)
- Photocopying related to invitations or studio presentations (Student Rep only)

The following expenses are the responsibility of the Syllabus Student Association and not part of the Syllabus budget:

1. Student Association general expenses.

2. Student and National Awards (pins, certificates).

3. Travel and expenses for Local Representatives to National, Regional or Local functions.