RAIC Syllabus Audit

Audit of Student Transcripts and Work Experience Records

The RAIC Syllabus office is presently undergoing a detailed audit of all academic transcripts, and Canadian Experience Record Books (CERBs) records to ensure accuracy of student information. Students will receive an email from Brynne or Don regarding the status of their RAIC Syllabus student files. When you receive this email, please review the information and attached documents and reply to the email with a confirmation that information is up to date. It is very important that all students review the email and reply. If you haven’t received an email yet, please be patient. It is anticipated that the audit will be complete by the end of August. 

In advance of this email, all students should ensure that they have recently submitted updated transcripts from Athabasca University to the Syllabus office. For reasons of privacy, we cannot request the transcript on your behalf.

All students should also ensure that they are up to date in submitting their CERBs. CERBs must be submitted every 900 to 1,000 hours or part thereof. (This is approximately six months of full-time work.) Please email these to Brynne Campbell at bcampbell@raic.org or info@raic-syllabus.ca